Equity Release Planning

Our adviser Harriet is one of the country's leading specialists in Equity release and lifetime mortgages, providing services not just to clients but to many financial advisers across the country.

In today's challenging financial environment where families at both ends of the age spectrum are finding it tough, her expert knowledge in Equity Release / Lifetime Mortgages and Estate Planning have made her the person to speak to.

Providing a holistic range of Independent Financial Advice to clients specialising in Mortgages, Equity Release, Long-term Care Funding, Re-Mortgages, Family & Individual Protection, Wills & Power of Attorneys.

If you're looking for independent financial advice to suit your specific needs, get in touch with us on:  01372 279 241 today.

Ready for your later years?

Who will take care of your children if you die?

Do you know what to include in an estate plan?

What will happen if you / loved one needs long term care?

Would you like to gift money to your children / grandchildren when they need it most?

Have you reduced your future inheritance tax liability?

Why not top up your savings to pay for life's luxuries?

Make time for yourself and consider new interests

Have you enough for the standard of living you hope for?

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Retirement Plans

Live your life the way you want to

You can release equity to gift money to help family members

Free the cash tied up in your home

Have you thought about enjoying your retirement by releasing cash for a holiday?

Tax Free Cash for funding a holiday?


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Welcome to Mushroom Ltd

Our specialist equity release and lifetime mortgage adviser Harriett Trendell, provides services not just to clients but to many financial advisers too.

Previously working for Abbey National, Harriet set up her company Mushroom Ltd in 2001, spending her early career working in the family estate and lettings business in Wimbledon and has a vast range of knowledge in the complexities of the processes involved in buying, selling and renting properties both as a homeowner and as a buy to let investor.